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Weight reduction surgical procedures, diet planning and supervision

NeWeigh does not charge a fee for its services to any person seeking treatment for morbid obesity.

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When you are ready for change, NeWeigh can help you do things that you never imagined possible. In fact, change begins from the moment you contact us because you will have made the first step toward your personal goals. When you call NeWeigh, you will be greeted by a little sister (someone who has been through the NeWeigh Program), or by other knowledgeable members of our friendly staff. During normal business hours you will not be subjected to a recorded message. When you enter our home-like offices, you will notice that it lacks a pay window or transaction counter. That’s because NeWeigh does not charge a fee for its services to any person seeking treatment for morbid obesity.

In 1991, NeWeigh pioneered a multi-disciplinary, surgical weight loss program to serve the morbidly obese. We wanted to change the manner in which this underserved, ignored and misunderstood patient population was treated by healthcare professionals, as well as by their insurance companies.

You will be served in a relaxing, warm, comfortable, professional environment—a setting that encourages you to return regularly for long-term support. You will want to take advantage of NeWeigh’s expertise that has assisted thousands of people; and one that has the most respected reputation for securing insurance approval to help with the financial burden of your surgery.

If you are 80 or more pounds over your ideal weight (morbidly obese), have failed to lose or maintain weight loss through more conservative approaches, and wish to consider a surgical alternative, you will greatly benefit from our services. There is no other program in the industry as committed to seeking and obtaining insurance approval for your surgery.

As you further investigate us, you will recognize the thoroughness of NeWeigh’s Program, and you will come to appreciate why we do what we do. Our absolute commitment is to be there for you, before, during and long-after your surgical weight loss procedure.

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NeWeigh's new location:
4009 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77027
Ph. 713-795-0200
NeWeigh provides a surgical weight loss program in the Houston metroplex for hospitals and Bariatric surgeons
who perform laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND®, Gastric Sleeve and BPD with Duodenal Switch.


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